guitar pick holder keychain


this is our personalized guitar pick holder keychain, made of 100 % Vegetable tanned Genuine leather (the most eco-friendly tanning method). choose the high-quality hardware, handmade by 4uke.


  •  1.6 inch(40 mm) wide
  • length without hardware is 2 inches(53mm) long
  • Total length including hardware is 3 inches long
  • Fit for picks with a width less than 30mm 
  • How many picks can be put, recommended that the total thickness of all picks is less than 4mm

Leather & Hardware

  • Vegetable tanned genuine leather with full-grain top
  • 1.2 ~ 1.6mm thickness
  • this leather not soft, but will be soft after use
  • YKK Snap button(Whole body brass)
  • Whole body brass key ring

About Vegetable tanned genuine leather

  • This leather will patina over time and show traces of exposure to elements, as if it has life, This is my favorite. 
  • this leather uses the most eco-friendly tanning method, does not contain chemicals, affinity with human skin.
  • Avoid getting leather wet or washing. Simply wipe with a lightly damp cloth to clean.


About Personalized

Provide three color options hot stamping, you can add your name or text to the guitar pick holder keychain. It will be added 5 US dollars.

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The word limit is a reference, because the width of uppercase and lowercase letters is not the same.

Personalize Support type:
1) English words (number not available)

2) the symbols are shown in the below only: &  :)  @  ★  ❤  ♡ . '

Personalized strap no Returns Accepted. more question please check the Personalize Faqs

How to Use Strap

We have taken some videos about the use of our straps and hope to help you. please check this link.


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Handmade for you

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Add Your Name to The Keychain

Provide three color options hot stamping, you can add your name or text to the leather keychain. It will be added 5 US dollars.