Rock texture reflective clip on ukulele hook strap


This original created High-quality handmade Rock texture reflective clip on ukulele hook strap, is made of Reflective materials, with Marble texture pattern, When there is light, the strap will reflect neon, It's very cool. What are the disadvantages of traditional neck ukulele strap. Press your neck and make it uncomfortable, feel sweaty in the hot summer. Different from the traditional neck ukulele strap, Our hook strap is pretty muck like shoulder strap, you wear it along the back, and we designed to use a fastener for quick on&off at the point. The strap is very soft and comes with a proper thickness, as the bottom material has been chosen a special fabric that has fluffy hand-feel and slight stretch, it helps reduce pressure and more comfortable to play.


  • 1.5 inches width 
  • Customized metal parts and UTX-DURAFLEX fastener
  • Top fabric is made of reflective materials
  • with Marble texture pattern printed
  • Bottom fabric-100% polyester
  • Silica gel wrapped J hook holds the uke without surface damage
  • fits any size ukulele(soprano/concert/tenor/baritone)
  • Fit all standard shape of ukuleles, NOT for Pineapple
  • Adjustable length 33 in.- 51.5 in. (85cm-131cm)
  • Like shoulder strap, but no drilling, no button


The pattern on each Rock texture reflective clip on ukulele hook strap might be slightly different, as they were cut from different part of the fabric, hope you understand, thank you.

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How to Use Strap

We have taken some videos about the use of our straps and hope to help you. please check this link.


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All In The Details

Check the details of our handmade strap, to know what different between our strap and other brand strap.

Special Bottom Material

The bottom material we chose is a very special fabric, which has fluffy hand-feel and slight stretch, it's also very soft and smooth, the proper thickness is just about right to help reduce pressure, help people be more comfortable to play ukulele. 

the backside of ukulele strap

J Hook, UTX-FLEX Fastener And Customized Metal Parts

Silica gel wrapped J hook onto the sound hole holds the ukulele without surface damage. Use UTX-flex fastener and Customized metal buckle,very strong and safe.

the clip on ukulele hook strap details

How To Use Clip-on Ukulele Hook Strap

Incline the strap around the back of the body, connect detachable fastener at the side, you can adjust the strap length that you are comfortable with.The specific effect is shown in the pictures below.

Check the video instruction

the clip on ukulele hook strap instructions