Which strap supports customization

we offer customized services with leather ends of our guitar strap, ukulele shoulder strap, and camera strap. Except for ukulele hook strap

Three name tag color options for personalize

we offer three name tag color options, Nature, Silver, Gold. I stamp it to the leather ends. please review the below picture for the effects.

What special symbols can be personalized

8 Special Symbols are available  &  :)  @  ★  ❤  ♡ . ' If I can't stamp it, I will contact you, so please leave the email if you want personalized.

which position to stamp the name tag

* for guitar strap and ukulele shoulder strap, stamp the name tag on the short leather ends.

* for camera strap, stramp the name tag on one of the leather ends.

Why is there a word limit

Limited by the size of the leather ends, we have some word limit.

Example"guitar strap":

-> If All Capitalizes, up to 8 Characters
-> If first Capitalizes or All Lowercase, up to 9 Characters

Example"ukulele shoulder strap" and "camera strap":

-> If All Capitalizes, up to 7 Characters
-> If first Capitalizes or All Lowercase, up to 8 Characters

Where the shipping from

All strap shipping from our office: No.25 shengyuan north avenue,xihu District, Hangzhou, 310012 Zhejiang, China 

Where can buy our strap

Except for our website, you also can purchase order from our Etsy shop or Reverb shop